About TAC

The TAC program is designed to achieve several goals: promote mental and physical growth in every swimmer and foster lasting friendships among teammates. It is the swimmer's responsibility to learn to budget time, set goals, and to do the best with the ability they have.

Winning is the desire to improve. TAC strives to make the swimming experience both fun and rewarding, so that the sport will be a part of their future as student athletes.

As a member of TAC, you will be instructed in the four competitive swimming strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. Learning to master new strokes is a significant accomplishment in itself and this will enable you to become a more diverse swimmer.

In order to participate on the swim team, we require swimmers to swim at least 1 lap of freestyle and backstroke unassisted. It is recommended that swimmers are at least a level 4 swimmer according to American Red Cross standards.

Information Notice

York Suburban Community Education and the Trojan Aquatic Club Parents Organization may disclose certain information, known as directory information (this includes names and pictures), in its discretion without consent. Parents may refuse to let any or all of this information be used in Brochures, Newsletters and/or Websites.