The Essentials

Meet Information

In addition to a black swimsuit, googles and a TAC cap swimmers should consider bringing an extra towel as well as a spare pair of goggles. Absolutely no jewelry, wrist bands or ankle bands allowed on the swimmers during the meet. Snack bars are typically available but bottled water is recommended to stay hydrated during the meet.

Some swimmers prefer to bring blankets to sit on. Warm-up attire will help keep swimmers warm between their events. Parents may bring camp chairs for themselves.

Volunteer TAC chaperones will be available to help younger and new swimmers get to the block.

We understand swimmers need to leave the deck/seating area for various reasons. Please encourage your swimmer to inform a chaperone when they're leaving.

Check-in times for each meet will be communicated via email or the Remind app the week of the meet.

Swimmers are encouraged to stay until the end of the meet and please make sure your area is cleaned up before leaving.

Other Things To Consider

Parents are not allowed on the deck unless they are helping during the meet.

Coaches will post the line-up (what swimmer will be swimming) once all the swimmers have checked in for the meet.

Meets typically last until about noon.

If you are sick, text Patty ASAP, no matter what time 578-8483, so she can change the line up.

No one goes thru the pool office except coaches, officials and ribbon writers

Ribbons will be available at Mondays practice for the swimmers in their mailboxes